Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Electric Telegraph in the Crimean War

Excellent blog about the Electric Telegraph

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Drake 'families' page update

William Henry Drake 'families' page has been updated to take account of recently acquired information

The Drake Letters all up at the website

After a very long wait, the DRAKE LETTERS have finally ALL been uploaded to the website!

Find them here:

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Crimean War Research Society website update

After a very long wait, the DRAKE LETTERS are finally being uploaded to the website!
The first 40 have been done so far

Find them here:

William Henry Drake of the Commissariat in the Crimea

After a very long wait, the DRAKE LETTERS are finally being uploaded to the website!
The first four so far …

Find them here:

The War Correspondent, Volume 35 No.3 April 2018


From the Editor
Changing of the Guard
Chairman’s Report 2018 from Glenn Fisher
Treasurer’s Report 2018 from Lee Tough
Secretary’s Report 2018 from Ken Tough

The Early History of the Huddersfield and District Army Veteran’s Association by John H. Rumsby
William Henry Cory, 11th Hussars again by Tony Margrave
Szathmari at Silistria by Michael Tinsley
What if . . . Submarines off Cronstadt and Sevastopol by Dr. Douglas J. Austin
Crimea’s Byron? Adam Mickiiewicz? by Jennifer Margrave
The Story of Birr’s Russian Trophy Cannon by Dr. Paul Huddie
A Crimean War Veteran Returns Home to his Medals and His Family by Keith Smith
John Pendered, Royal Sappers and Miners and the First Photographic Expedition to the Crimea by Glenn Fisher
Balaclava’s Greatest Hits — Trumpeter Lanfried sounds the Charge by Philip Boys

The Running W and the 1936 Movie “The Charge of the Light Brigade from an email from Philip Boys

The Crimean War then and now by Dr. David Jones reviewed by Glenn Fisher
Into the Valley of Death by A. L. Berridge reviewed by Lawrence W. Crider
Memories of Memorials by Michael Aidan reviewed by Lawrence W. Crider
Voices from the Past: the Siege of Sevastopol by Anthony Dawson reviewed by Major Colin Robins

The Other Nightingale Museum
The Submarine — Backward and Forward in Time

Friday, 1 July 2016

John Barham's Journey through the Crimean War

Chapter Ten, 'Balaklava' has now been uploaded.